Tips for Becoming a Successful Investor


Not everyone has what it takes to naturally become a successful investor. Investing is a long-term process and it could take some quite a bit of time and discipline to find success to earn positive returns in a volatile stock market. The following are some tips for increasing your chances of becoming a successful investor. Some of the best Mark Matson online videos name these tips as ones to follow.


Create a Long-Term Plan


You should create a long-term plan. Simply creating it, however, is not necessarily enough. You should also stick to this plan. Planning helps investors find issues in their investments, make changes and take action that can improve their investments along the way.


Stick with the Plan


Even when volatility is present, you should stick with your plan. If you go off-course, it’s possible that you could hurt the plan and your investments in the long run. It’s a common reaction to run for safety when something bad happens, such as the market tanking. If you must move money during volatile times, consider a less volatile mix of assets you can continue to invest in.


Diversity is Key


Incorporating diversification into your investment portfolio can increase the odds that you will become a successful long-term investor. Don’t stick with just one or two popular items in your portfolio. Have the confidence to put your money in as many stocks and bonds as possible to diversify your portfolio. But, don’t do it on a whim. Make sure you perform some research before investing.


Save, Save, Save


Mark Matson online reviews preach saving. Being a successful investor does not always come because you know how to invest. Another key factor is saving money—how much you save and how often you save.



3 Beginner Tips for Investing in the Stock Market


A stock is an equity investment that have the potential to be very profitable. By investing in stocks, you are investing in a corporation and taking part ownership of its earnings and assets. In addition to understanding the fundamentals of investing, Mark Matson recommends beginners follow these tips to maximize their potential for stock investing success.


Identify your end-goal
People choose to invest in stocks for many different reasons, which will influence your investment strategy. Perhaps you are investing to save for retirement, or to fund a future purchase, such as a house. Prior to investing, you should identify why you want to invest, as well as when you will be in need of those funds.


Your return on investment (ROI) is dependent on three key factors: the capital you invest, the net annual earnings, and the length of your investment. The stock market can be very volatile, so a stock might not fulfill a short-term financing goal.


Diversify your investments


Have you ever heard the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? If the basket is dropped, you lose all the eggs. The same goes for stock market investing. The best way to mitigate risk is to diversify your investments. You shouldn’t put all your money in one company. Instead, you should consider owning stocks for different companies and across different industries.  It can also be beneficial to invest in companies located in different countries which utilize different currencies, so all your investments aren’t reliant on the U.S. dollar.


Keep a level head


As you might know, the stock market can be volatile. The value of your stock portfolio is likely to fluctuate over time. When tracking your stocks, don’t panic over short-term movements. Instead, consider the big picture of your investments. If your stock portfolio is down one day, it is essentially meaningless to your long-term performance. Volatility is inevitable in the stock market, so don’t lose confidence in your investments.